asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday afternoon: Getting stuff done.

So it's been a productive day. I got up at my usual 5am, took my weight and vitals, and made an entry in my health journal. (That's a new thing I'm starting as I am turning 56 and want to be more proactive about my health as I get older.) Drove to Portland to pray with the congregation at Chabad, then came home and got to work on learning coding.

There's a C# tutorial I'm working through in Visual Studio and I am pleased with the progress I'm making. Also I am updating my GitHub repositories regularly, and posting the link to my LinkedIn profile. Since I'm between jobs, I want to use the time productively.

Heading back to Portland this evening for a Meetup group, looking forward to companionship and discussion. And then tomorrow - Monday - I'll touch base with my recruiter at one of the agencies and see what's happening on the job front.

Meanwhile, on the health front, I finally got round to filling out the online forms this weekend to get in the system for VA medical benefits. There's a VA medical center right near where I live.
Tags: journal

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