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TNG, Math Genius

Last year, The Next Generation was having trouble with his math. But you'd never know that now, the way the kid is doing fractions and multiplication and division.

a63: So, you can see that 4/12 is the same as 1/3 ...
TNG: Oh, I get it ... fractions are kinda like division, huh?
a63 {bouncing up and down excitedly}: Yes!!!!! Fractions are EXACTLY the same as division, in fact it's just another name for division.

He's doing really well with multiplication and knows most of his times tables. When he doesn't know the answer from memory, he can work it out by counting off (e.g. for 6*5=30 he'll count "five, ten, fifteen ..." until he gets the answer). So this tells me he understands the concept too.

He did several long multiplication problems tonight from the workbook I got him - multiplying two- and three-digit numbers. He got every answer exactly right. (I checked his work with a calculator.) He even did more examples than I asked.

So I'm really really excited about this. He's mastering the concepts and the techniques, and he's got the enthusiasm for the subject. He ought to have a good year in school.
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