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Just wondering meme.

Via spikesgirl58 here:
When was the last time you used a rotary phone?
Remember using floppy drives?
Beta or VHS?
Blu Ray or DVD?
iPad or tablet?
Do you miss Morris?

Rotary phone: After my Mom died in 2003, I had to go back to Connecticut to handle estate matters. It was the house I grew up in in South Windsor, with a rotary phone on the wall. The house lay in a bit of a valley (Avery Street rose in a steep hill immediately to the north) and it was a dead spot for wireless service; so I had to call the local phone company and set up a temporary landline number for the couple of weeks that I would be there. It was an eerily nostalgic feeling, watching the dial crawl its way back to the home position after each outgoing digit.

Floppy drives:
Oh yes, the mid 90s, just after I separated from the Marine Corps in 1993. The internet was brand spankin' new and this outfit called America Online was sending out startup discs to every household in the known universe. (I still use my aol email to this very day.) The creaky noise of the dial-up modem, and then the exhilarating announcement of "You've got mail!" Those were the days. By that time, New Order's 'Power Corruption and Lies' was a decade old, but the album's iconic floppy disc themed packaging was still relevant.

Morris: The finnicky cat. The feline Mikey.
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