asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Haunted by high school.

The agency that placed me required a background check, and this required me to produce a copy of my high school diploma or transcript.

In general, the less I have to think about high school, the happier I am. And the silliness of having to document my high school graduation from 37 years ago was surpassed only by disturbing thought that EVEN NOW, MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL HOLDS MY VERY LIFE IN ITS HANDS.

When I was able to step back and look at my own feelings around having to deal with the school, I could laugh at myself a bit. Heck, I'm a big grown-up now, and none of the same people are still at that school!

So, after I understood my own visceral reaction against having to call the school and ask for a copy of my transcripts, it wasn't bad at all. The lady at the office was very nice and emailed me a pdf proving that I graduated (just barely) all those years ago, and I saved it to my computer desktop and now I can go on with my life.
Tags: life

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