asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2/24 Sunday evening: I can die honorably.

Saw a meme on LinkedIn today that said, "He who lives without discipline, dies without honor." I love the saying (which supposedly is an Icelandic proverb).

Got caught up on rest over Shabbat and got up early this morning, got right to work on finishing the laundry and tidying my room. It's not beautiful but it's better than it was. Promised myself I would get back on my exercise regimen and I did that, knocking out a few sets of pushups and some dumbbell presses; finally got out and did 20 minutes of running this afternoon.

I've been spending more time listening to audiobooks lately and it is very rewarding. Certainly easier on the eyes than sight reading, and I can get stuff done concurrently.

Tomorrow, back to work.

Tags: journal

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