asher63 (asher63) wrote,

3/11 Monday evening: Winning the pretzel lottery.

Work went well - slow, which is a nice change. I'm starting to feel comfortable enough at the job to where if I get a ticket from a user with some issue, even if I don't know what the problem is right away, I want to jump in and take a look to see if I can figure something out. So I'm feeling a lot more confident, and starting to have fun with the job. It's been exactly a month now since I started.

Other exciting news? Oh, I hit the vending machine jackpot today. Had a hankering for those yogurt-covered pretzels that they sell in the vending machine at the far end of the building, so I walked down there and put my bank card in the slot. No go, the card reader was broken. So I offered it a 5$ bill from my wallet but it wouldn't take that either. So I thought, maybe I have to select the item first and then pay? So I pushed the buttons for the selection, and right away the metal helix spins around and one package of yogurt covered pretzels goes thunk into the tray at the bottom. And while I'm debating the ethics of accepting this unexpected largesse from the vending company, I hear clink clink clink as a bunch of coins are dropping into the change chute. So not only did I get the snack for free, I got 2$ worth of quarters with it.

Yup, we're just livin' large here is what we're doin'.
Tags: journal, work

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