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Who are the Gilkesh?

The Gilkesh (the name means “star women”) are a humanoid race believed to be closely linked to modern humans. The exact nature of the relationship, however, remains in dispute. It is unclear whether the Gilkeshna (collective plural) arose from humans, or the humans from Gilkeshna. There is considerable variation among Gilkeshne (discrete plural) in physical characteristics, owing to genetic drift and bioengineering, but overall they tend to exceed baseline humans in physical endurance, strength, mental acuity, agility, and tolerance for adverse conditions. They are nocturnal and have acute night vision. All Gilkeshna are female.

Gilkesh reproduction occurs via parthenogenesis; however, while it is biologically possible for a Gilkesh adult to conceive alone, custom demands that conception occur in the presence of an intimate partner or spouse. The taboo against “lonebirthing” is among the strongest and most universal in Gilkesh culture. This is because the partner’s spiritual influence (or auric field) is deemed essential for the healthy development of the fetus. The partner’s presence allows the mother’s DNA to recombine more creatively than would otherwise be possible; so while the mother’s partner (called the bondmother) does not physically contribute genetic material, she does influence the child’s genetics. It is universally accepted among the Gilkesh that an infant inherits traits from her mother’s partner as well as from her mother. Generally it is assumed that the birthmother (the biological mother) passes on her physical traits, and the bondmother (mother’s partner) passes on personality and spiritual traits.
Tags: navari, parthenogenesis

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