asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday morning post.

Hello LJ-land!

I've been slacking on journaling here but not out of apathy. Life has been busy in the good-busy way. The job at Green Hills Semiconductor is going well, and I'm hopeing to hear back soon on whether they plan to extend me past the end of July, which is my current contract end date. An extension would be good news; even better news would be a chance to get hired on permanentely. Meanwhile, I'm working on the cert prep practice exams to get ready for my Network+ certification.

Speaking of late July, I've got tickets to San Francisco for the end of July to visit the kids, TNG and Bunny. TNG is holding down a steady job and a steady relationship, and maintaining good ties with both his mom and his blood family in Arizona. I am immensely proud of him. Bunny is living with her godparents - a very fine couple - since her mother's passing last November. She is a joy and a delight and I've missed her terribly.

Last Sunday's conservative meetup in Beaverton was a big success. I think we must have had at least 20 people show up, and we get a few new faces every time. I don't get out to social events as often now that I'm carless and traveling by bus, but it was well worth the trip.

Plan for today is to take it easy, clean house, study my Network+ stuff, and visit a restaurant in Orenco Station (La Provence) that was recommended to me y a friend from work.
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