asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2019-07-30 Tuesday afternoon: First time in a hostel.

My good friend B had offered to put me up during my visit to SF, but that fell through at the last minute and I found myself stranded without a backup plan. (Memo to self: This is why, in lodging and in life generally, you need to have a backup plan.) But long story short, I ended up checking in at the HI hostel in Union Square and it's not bad.

I was afraid I'd hate it. I do not like big crowds (that's why I don't go to beaches or music festivals) and in general I'm comfortable being alone. But I don't need, or even want, total solitude all the time. So I find it's a relief to be able to go someplace where there are other people around, even if they're total strangers and even if we don't interact.

Sleeping four to a room isn't my first choice but the bunk still allows adequate personal space. The lavatories have a toilet with a consolidated wash basin which I think is a clever idea and very efficient. I'm getting used to the environment and the drill of eating in the common dining room and washing your own cups and dishes.

So, I got a decent night's sleep last night and recharged both myself and my mobile devices. Now, on with the plan of the day.
Tags: journal, travel

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