asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2019-07-30 Tuesday afternoon: Bunny!

After the initial disruption of plans, I finally managed to rendezvous with Bunny and her godparents in their neighborhood, Excelsior. Greg mentioned a place called the Broken Record that I'd already visited the night before, so we met up there and re-connected over dinner.

Bunny just got back from a church camp in Hayward, with a group of friends she knew from there. (She had moved to Hayward with her mom and the mom's then-boyfriend a couple of years ago. After G passed last November, Bunny moved back to San Francisco and moved in with her godparents Greg and Beth.) She had a great time and enjoyed re-connecting with her old friends from there.

Georgianne was a firm believer in giving Bunny a stable social network, and Greg and Beth have been very good about supporting that goal and keeping as much continuity in Bunny's life as possible. When she moved back to SF, they were able to get her back in the school she'd attended before (Rooftop) so she could see her old friends from school again.

So now she has her set of friends from San Francisco and her friends from Hayward, plus her BFF Angelina whom she's known since infancy. And I'm glad I am able to see her and stay involved in her life.
Tags: bunny, journal

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