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2019-08-16 Friday evening: Like a break in the battle.

Getting back into the routine, after spending a week in San Francisco visiting the kids, was more of a struggle than I'd planned on: besides being broke after having to find lodging at the last minute, I ended up getting sick almost immediately after returning to work, and had to take Tuesday and Wednesday off.

And yet, somehow, I've been in pretty good spirits all this week. I've just passed the six-month mark at my job at Green Hills Semiconductor, and the routine is starting to feel comfortable. My living situation isn't ideal, but it works just fine. I feel good about where I am in life, but I feel even better about where I'm going.

I feel like I need to say a few words about tomorrow's demo. As many of you have probably already heard, right-wing and left-wing demonstrations are set to happen in Portland, Oregon tomorrow, and it's likely to get pretty ugly. And - even aside from the fact of it being on Shabbat - I won't be going.

The media will tell you that there's a "white supremacist" or "neo-nazi" demonstration happening. No such thing is true. The conservative side is organized by the same people who organized the conservative demo I attended two years ago. They are not neo-nazis any more than I am.

The media inflates the importance of the WN crowd far out of proportion to their numbers and influence. But that doesn't mean those people don't exist. I will have more to say once it's all over - and it's possible my LJ will wander more into politics than has been my custom lately.

For now, let me leave you with this. The August 2017 event was a great success, and I'm glad I went. Haley was there, Tiny was there, Amber was there and she gave a great talk, a streetcorner preacher was there and gave a great talk. People who on any other day might have been arguing and disagreeing, came together in a spirit of solidarity and patriotism and love of liberty. They didn't agree on everything, but they understood they could agree on the things that matter most.

This time round, I'm not so sure. Amber is pulling out, and I'll close by sharing Amber's thoughts from her publicly shared Facebook post:

... I do not stand with people who openly say they are Alt Right, White Nationalists, Racists of any sort. If your Anti Jewish, Anti Black. Anti White , Anti LGBT , Anti women , or Anti Male kick rocks, I want nothing to do with you.

I believe in total equality for all people. So if you believe like the examples above, simply do not follow me or be around me. It is pretty simple and not hard to grasp. I will not let people like this be forced on me and told I am bad for being for total equality and not standing with people I don't agree with.

I will not stand next to people like this. I am a American and being American to me means equality for ALL people. So end of story, no debate here. If you don't like my views or principals you do not have to like or follow me. I am good with that and respect that. I wont be lectured about who I associate with. I don't like the racist ass communists and I don't like the racist ass Alt right Nazis either. I don't like people of low character that judge people on there skin tone or sexuality.

So this is addressed to those who have an issue with those things. I am not obligated to support anyone I do not feel comfortable supporting so take your little high school popularity shit else where. I have done a lot of work for Liberty and will continue to do so but I will not compromise who I am to appease others. So God bless and lets pray for the patriots tomorrow in Portland. Lots of good people are there standing up for America and lets pray for their safety.

Have a great weekend, folks. I will be taking Shabbat as a time of rest, study, introspection - and prayer.
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