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New week, new stuff!

So, my temp gig starts tomorrow. It's outside of Portland, but now that I'm finally driving again, that won't be a problem. And yes, I am actually getting to enjoy driving ... in fact, I went out for a little drive the other day, and took some pictures.

Now, the scary part: Yes, I've done it, I've gotten a Flickr page. It's still under construction but I will be posting the link here soon. This is fun and exciting because it gives me an excuse to play with Photoshop, which I've had on my computer for 2 years but rarely used. The scary part is that Flickr is addictive. (In fact I spent most of the weekend bugging out in front of the computer.) I think after the novelty wears off I'll be able to enjoy it without it taking up all of my time.

Hoping to hear back some time this week on that permanent position.

daddi_cade, see you tonight!
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