asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2019-11-24 Sunday morning

Weigh-in: 168.2. Progress!

The hoodie has been found. One of my personal proverbs is, "A misplaced object is in one of two places: someplace you didn't look, or someplace you didn't look thoroughly enough."

With that guidance in mind, I decided to take a second look at the contents of the duffel bag I'd recently stashed in the bathroom. I had already rummaged through it once, and anyway I was pretty sure I hadn't ever put the sweater in the duffel bag in the first place. So I was about 98% confident that it wasn't to be found there.

But was I *certain*? What if my assumptions were 98% wrong? So, just to rule out the duffel bag as a possibility, and to set my mind at ease that the sweater was well and truly lost, I dumped the contents of the duffel bag on the bed ... and lo and behold, there was the sweater.

So with the week starting on that upbeat note, I can head out to the gym, hoodie and all.

Plans for the week. I've been thinking I might need to defer starting classes until spring. Scraping up the tuition at this point is going to be very difficult, and another three months to put together the funds would make it a lot easier. I've got a credit card that will be paid off in January, so it'll be easier after that. Plus I've been at my job almost a year, and I'm hopeful I might get a modest pay increase by January, and if I get hired on full-time (also a real possibility) I might become eligible for tuition assistance. I've already got the books and have been studying them daily - so an extra three months to prepare would give me an advantage in all kinds of ways.

Plans for the day. Gym, groceries, haircut. Afternoon, head to Portland for the JBP group.

I've almost finished my remarks on Genesis Chapter 4, and should have that ready to post later today.
Tags: education, journal, losing it

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