asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2019-11-26 Tuesday morning

Overtime in Oregon is reckoned by the week, not the day, so I can take an unpaid holiday or day off and make up the hours during the remainder of the week without incurring overtime pay. I've gotten my boss's official blessing to do that this week, so I can enjoy Thursday off for Thanksgiving this week and still collect a full paycheck next.

I've resolved to finally say goodbye to the old Subaru (after some months of hesitation) and will see about getting the vehicle towed by one of those buy-a-clunker services. Then I can focus on looking for my next car. The next car doesn't have to happen immediately, but I expect to be looking to buy some time next year.

My financial picture brightens somewhat in January, as I'll have one or two credit card bills being finally paid off by then. Plus I'll have been at my current job for a full year, and I'm reasonably confident I'll get a modest pay increase and/or a better position.

This Thursday I'll probably just spend the day at home, maybe get some more work done on Genesis.
Tags: journal

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