asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2019-11-28 Thursday morning

Weigh-in: 170.2. My morale has been very good lately. I've been working on basic habits: keeping my room clean and neat (setting aside a few minutes every morning and evening to tidy up); keeping the bathroom clean; working consistently on technology, math, and Bible study; and keeping up with my online journal(s).

I'm also keeping up with the habits I started putting in place around the beginning of this calendar year: clearing email and checking bank balance first thing every morning; taking care of my dress and grooming; and watching my weight and my alcohol consumption. Those things, plus making it a point NEVER EVER to miss a day of work (unplanned) for anything short of an actual emergency. These were all things I consciously decided to start focusing on at the time of my 56th birthday, and with 2018's long fiasco with Boss Man still fresh in my memory.

(Personal proverb: Establish good habits - it's easier than breaking bad ones.)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tags: journal

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