asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Team players and ego freaks.

Sometimes you get the guy who's the rock star performer in the workplace, but he likes to hog the spotlight at the expense of the rest of the team. That's another example of the mentality of "others must fail so that I can succeed."

In the Marines we had it drilled into us from boot camp on: "Keep your buddy locked on!" You don't gain anything from the other guy messing up. Often just the opposite: collective punishment is still seen as a perfectly valid discipline tool in the military! One guy fails a barracks inspection or a rifle inspection, the whole unit has to stay late. It's a strong incentive to help the other guy stay locked on. And that's as it should be - on the battlefield, one guy screwing up could get everybody killed. In the military, you really are your brother's keeper.

Same in the workplace, if somebody's a great performer as an individual, but they feel like they have to undermine their co-workers, or if they just bring a lot of drama and dissension to the workplace, then it's going to impact the operation negatively.

If you want to grow personally and professionally, my guess is that the thing to do is seek out a workplace where people keep each other locked on - where you're going to be surrounded by competent people who will push you harder, demand more of you, and challenge you more.
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