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London: Rabbi attacked by anti-Semites.
A rabbi in the Amhurst Park area of Stamford Hill, London was attacked by two unidentified teenagers and left bleeding on the ground over Shabbat. The incident took place at around 9:45 p.m. on Friday, when Orthodox Jews don't use telephones. According to reports, the two teenagers allegedly shouted "Kill Jews" and "F*** Jews" while beating the victim. The rabbi, who is currently unidentified, was flown to Israel.

London: London Bridge stabbing terrorist Usman Khan was released last year.
Usman Khan, 28, a British man of Pakistani origin, who carried out the stabbing attack on London Bridge on Friday, murdering two people and wounding three others, was released from prison less than a year ago. Khan was convicted in 2012 for terrorism-related charged and was released early without an assessment of his danger to the public, despite his sentence's mandatory requirement of a parole board assessment before being released.

London: Attacker thwarted by good guy with narwhal tusk.

Netherlands: Three wounded in stabbing attack in The Hague.
Police are searching for a male perpetrator aged between 45 and 50 who was wearing a shawl and a grey tracksuit. The knife used by the attacker has reportedly been located.

Morocco: Israeli killed in bus attack.
Around 3.30 p.m., a group of Israelis attending a celebration to mark the passing of a Rabbi, exited their hotel in Casablanca to board the two buses waiting outside for them, according to a Channel 12 News report. At one point, one of the bus drivers accelerated and hit two Israelis crossing the road. One was killed at the scene and the other was seriously injured and was evacuated to the hospital.
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