asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Beyond the Green Hills.

I've just learned today that my contract at Green Hills Semiconductor will end at the end of December. I had interviewed for a permanent position that just opened up, but they gave the job to another contract tech. The other tech is much more experienced than I am, plus he has family members to support, and he's a great guy - so I don't feel bad about how things turned out.

The job at GHSC was a great opportunity, and I've been getting positive feedback the whole time I've been there. They know I have a solid attendance record and a good work ethic, plus the year-long assignment will put some much-needed stability on my resume.

So while it's natural to feel a little anxiety when a work assignment comes to an end, I'm confident I've built the foundations for even better things in 2020.
Tags: work

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