asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Melanie Phillips: "The relief was overwhelming."

Melanie Phillips on the Conservative victory

'The relief was overwhelming. When the exit poll on Thursday evening correctly predicted a large majority for Boris Johnson’s Conservative party, British Jews allowed themselves to breathe again. Overcome by the sense of deliverance from a great evil, some wept.

Immediately before the election, both Labour and Conservative party hierarchies had been seized by the belief that Britain was heading for a hung parliament and a coalition led by Labour’s hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn. Many British Jews were gripped by a deep sense of dread and panic.

In the event, Labour was pulverised and the Conservatives won by a majority of nearly 80 MPs, the biggest since Margaret Thatcher’s third victory in 1987. ...

Why? Because the British working-class is deeply, passionately patriotic and attached to democracy. They are the very best of Britain. Time and again they have saved the country in its wars against tyranny by putting their lives on the line to defend what it stands for: their historic culture, institutions and values.

That’s why in the 2016 referendum they voted en masse for Brexit. And that’s why they felt so betrayed by the Labour party, which had been instrumental in stopping Brexit in parliament and trying to reverse the referendum result without admitting what it was doing. ...'

Read the whole thing at the link.
Tags: anti-semitism, britain, melanie phillips

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