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Just finished reading Agnon's novella 'In the Prime of Her Life', included in the collection 'Two Scholars Who Were in Our Town' (Jeffrey Saks, ed.), published by Toby. I'm tempted to say that the moral is "be careful what you wish for" but of course there's a lot going on here. Why was the narrator Tirtza obsessed with finishing what she sees as the unfinished business between her mother Leah and Leah's old flame Akavia Mazal? Why does the end result leave her miserable? Fascinating story, I want to dig deeper into it. But there's one more story in the volume that I haven't read yet - 'Tehilla'.

I want to come back to Genesis Chapter 3 and do a quick write-up here in my journal. It'll be out of sequence because I skipped from 2 to 4. I've written up the notes for it already, just need to organize and post them here. Then on to Chapter 5.

Toni Morrison's 'Jazz' - another story about love triangles, unfinished business, and death - sits on my shelf and on my list of books to do a write-up on.

Books I brought home from storage last weekend include 'Leaves from the Garden of Eden', a collection of Jewish folktales retold by Howard Schwartz; and 'The Book of Legends' (in both the English and Hebrew edition) by Haim Nachman Bialik. I bought the Hebrew book at the Bialik House in Tel Aviv a few years ago.
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