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A Torah for Tanzania.
'On Thursday the community (descendants of Yemenite and Moroccan Jews who moved there in the 1800s) held a Hachnasat Sefer Torah, carrying the Torah under a canopy, and singing it to its new home, in a synagogue they decorated as they do for Rosh Hashanah. They threw flower petals at us and sang a song in Swahili thanking us for this tremendous gift. “We are witness to the giving of the Torah just like Moses,” said Yehuda. “This is our very own Har Sinai.” The community members took turns carrying it, and kissing it, and when we opened it to show them the inside they couldn’t gather around fast enough. The adults had tears in their eyes, and the children stared wide-eyed, as a Torah was something they had only heard about in stories until now. ...'

New Torah in Freiburg, Germany.
'On a thoroughfare once named for Adolf Hitler, where Nazi troops goose-stepped and saluted in all-too-familiar infamous scenes from before and during World War II, the Jews of Freiburg, Germany, marched with joyful abandon against a backdrop of blaring Chassidic music to inaugurate a new Torah scroll and Chabad center earlier this week. ...'

On a Martian economy.
A survey of the possibilities and challenges of building an economy on Mars.
Tags: hebraica, space

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