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Link burst.

Russia and China are after your internet (with the help of the United Nations).
'It would be nice to think that countries like Russia and China genuinely care about online crime, as corruption and crime ridden as they themselves are, but one does not have to be too paranoid to suspect that the cybercrime they are most concerned about combating is cybercrime against the state. As the article mentions, China is world-infamous for its “Great Firewall” and a tight grip on what goes on online within its borders (often, hypocritically, assisted by the Western tech giants). Russia, on the other hand, has been conducting tests of its own internal internet, Runet, which could be used to cut the county off from the rest of the world. It’s not hard to guess what sort of websites and online activity could be banned by the Kremlin on its national intranet. ...'

Warshipping: the Unabomber, high-tech version.
'The device scans for visible wifi networks; once it senses a network associated with its target (indicating that it has arrived on the target company's premises), it alerts its controllers over the cellular radio, and then scans the local wifi for instance in which users' devices are initiating new connections to the network. It captures the handshake data from these connections, transmits them over the cellular network to its controllers, and they can then crack the password offline, send login credentials to the warshipping device, login to the target network, and attack the network from within. ...'

Apparently, "drinking like a fish" isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Happy new year, and please celebrate responsibly.
Tags: random trivia, russia, technology

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