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Linkage: Two Jewish women fly high, two rocket men turn 90, and more.

Astronaut Jessica Meir celebrates Chanuka in space.

Religious woman of West African roots graduates IAF pilot course.
Tav, who was only identified by her rank and first initial of her name, grew up in Jerusalem with immigrant parents. Her father moved to Israel from the Ivory Coast, her mother from France. ...

Buzz Aldrin celebrates 90th birthday ...
When Buzz Aldrin talks to you, it is most often about spaceflight. And the discussion will not be primarily the reminisces of an aging moonwalker: no, this discussion will be about the future. The future of spaceflight, the future of America’s role in it, the future of internationalism, and the future of humanity. ...

... and so does Vern Estes.
This weekend, Vern Estes, model rocket god and founder of Estes Industries, celebrated his 90th birthday. People are sharing their memories of Estes and Vern on the company's website.

Frum New Yorker Chani (Anne) Neuberger tapped to lead NSA Cybersecurity.
An Orthodox Jewish woman whose parents were among the hostages rescued by Israeli commandos from Entebbe Airport has been tapped to head the United States National Security Agency’s new Cybersecurity Directorate.

Hila Schlakman, 17, youngest woman to complete Talmud in daily study.
As hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide celebrate the completion of the seven-and-a-half-year-long cycle of daily Talmud study—and as women for the first time in history held their own celebration in Jerusalem—one 17-year-old is believed to be the youngest woman to ever mark this achievement.
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