asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday morning.

I was resisting the idea of working from home, but yesterday just before lunchtime, Oregon's governor gave the official "go the f**k home" order, so it was done. I hastily set up the VPN client on my work laptop (the same operation I'd guided a number of other users through), packed the laptop in my backpack, and walked up to the 48 stop on Cornell to take the bus home.

I was up and running at home by about 2pm, and started taking calls. The only material difference in working form home is that I didn't have the luxury of extra monitors and had to view everything through the little laptop screen, but that proved to be only a minor inconvenience. And of course I lost the ability to bother the techs in the adjoining cubicles with questions (since I'm fairly new on the job), but I got along OK.

So I'm looking at the positive side. I'll save time and bus fare with zero commute - that's more free time to spend at home doing as I please, which is not a bad thing.

Another plus is that I'll be able to take a nap on my lunch hour!
Tags: covid-19, work

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