asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday morning: Sight and sound.

After going without a decent computer monitor for way too long, I finally splurged and ordered one last week. It's due to arrive next Monday. Hitherto, I've been entirely dependent on the little screen on my laptop for everything computer-related, including my job. My job (tech support) normally entails keeping track of my ticket queue, knowledge base, Teams feed, and of course the user's desktop when I'm remoted in, so as you can imagine, my screen gets pretty crowded. Add to that the business of having to press my nose up against the screen to read small text, which can't be good for my eyes long-term (I'm 57 years old), and - well, it was just time.

Also - reminded by a post from kalimac - I've ordered the wireless headset that I have similarly needed for ages.

I've been at my current job for three months now, the last two of which I've been working from home. The job is getting easier and I'm settling in to the routine, and yesterday was quite rewarding as I got to close a number of tickets for issues ranging from simple to moderately complex. I'm looking forward to the job getting still easier and more enjoyable with experience - and with the new tools.
Tags: journal, work

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