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Portland patriots rally.

I didn't go to yesterday's conservative rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland, but apparently there was a good turnout by our side - and, of course, the antifa / blm folks showed up and did their thing. Via a public facebook post, here's an account of the event from my friend Kathryn T.:

Northwest Unrest 8/22/20 - No matter how the MSM or the Portland "officials" try to spin what happened in Portland today, here is the real 411:
1) Hundreds of PATRIOTS went to Portland today. ( Not ALT-RIGHT or FAR-RIGHT or White Nationalists or White Supremacists) PATRIOTS - ALL colors, ALL backgrounds - PATRIOTS who went because they live in Portland or near to Portland or cared enough to fly in from California or Texas..... PATRIOTS who simply love America and are sick of the violence in Portland. PATRIOTS who are not afraid of Antifa or the LIES of the LEFT.
2) They gathered in front of the Federal building which houses the Police. Most of the men had the women in the back to be protected (like REAL men do) and they formed a line in front that they HELD in spite of rocks being thrown, frozen water bottles being thrown, and being pepper-sprayed and pelted with HUMAN EXCREMENT (😡) over and over.
3) After 2 solid hours of the assault, the police declared it an unlawful assembly and Patriots left. As they all came in from different directions, they were in smaller numbers when they left and large crowds followed them, shooting them with paintballs and more pepper spray.
4) 9 people were arrested. 3 for attacking a police officer.
5) The Antifa crowd was energized because they felt they had "won" and ran off the Patriots, BUT, the only reason the Patriots left was that they are still law-abiding and they followed the police orders.
6) As of right now, the only known (to me) injury was one of the people attacking the police officer who was hit with a non-lethal round. Of course, a number of others attacked and then whined and cried if they got hit back.
7) This is Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler's baby. At this point, it makes Rosemary's Baby ( if anyone remembers that gross movie) look like a walk in the park.
8) This is planned and paid for. These terrorists are well funded and coordinated. This is a Democrat plan to bring instability that they HOPE to pin on President Trump. IT WILL NOT WORK. Even those of us who are political prisoners of WA, OR & CA see it for what it is. VOTE EVERY DEM OUT - this is our only hope for not having our entire country look like Portland.

More on yesterday's events via Andy Ngo at twitter:

Don't miss the bit about guillotining the teddy bear.

The media will tell you our demo was "alt-right" and "white supremacists" which is an absolute fantasy. I know many of the people involved and they are no more "white supremacists" than I am. The media are lying to you.

EDIT: "Black Rebel" Andrew Duncomb, who recently survived a politically-motivated stabbing attack, sets the record straight:

"It was Patriots that showed up in Portland. Ignore the rumors."
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