asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Retrospective: 14 years.

Fourteen years ago - calendar year 2006 - was my first year of posting more or less regularly on LJ. I'd started the journal in 2004 but only updated sporadically until late 2005.

My posts from then are mostly a hodgepodge of ephemeral crushes, amusing things found on the internet, and the beginnings of a crazy, rambling science fiction story that I would keep working at for another two years before finally abandoning it.

In August of 2006, I was becoming more open about my Republican politics. I was still doing volunteer work for Basic Rights Oregon then, too. And I visited San Francisco in that month, to see TNG who was working on his fractions.

Later that year, in November, I visited some relatives in Connecticut and spent the Thanksgiving weekend there.

And it was over that Thanksgiving weekend that I received a surprise email message from a person who would change my life.

"What's even harder, though, is knowing what to do with the old pieces of our lives that seem to keep floating back to us."

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