asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Flickr ate my life ...

... and Photoshop spat out the bones.

For those just joining us, I've started a Flickr page.

New material to be posted very soon.

I blame daddi_cade for starting me on this road to perdition. And bluecarp (whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently in San Francisco) for lots of stimulating conversation about art, science, gender, and society. (Don't forget to check out her homepage.)

Now I find myself taking my little dig-it-all camera around with me wherever I go, and thinking, "Hmmm, looks like material for a photo ..."

Actually, many of my images on Flickr are either abstract (from computer-generated mathematical plots) or highly reprocessed from NASA photographs or other sources; so, most of the pieces aren't candidates for Flickr's "interesting images" feature. But hey. It's MY addiction, dammit.

And don't forget to visit daddi_cade's LJ to see how a REAL photographer does it.
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