asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Afternoon with friends.

There was a meet-up of our conservative group at a location not far from where I live, and I went, figuring we might get a decent turn out, maybe five or six or even more.

I counted 20. The group was already well underway when I arrived, and a few more people showed up after I got there. Discussion was animated and morale was high. One lady I've known through the group for a while lives in downtown (SE) Portland; she can hear the riots every night. ("Just follow the smell of tear gas," she quipped, "and you'll find my house.") I got talking with another woman, a young single mom, and it turned out we both went to the same demonstration at Terry Schrunk Plaza a couple of summers ago!

The meet-up went strong for a good three hours and more. There was a good mix of familiar faces and new ones. It was the most in-person social interaction I've had in a while, and it was good to be with friends that I have things in common with.
Tags: politics, portland

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