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Retrospective: 10 years.

Calendar year 2010 was the year I ended my relationship with G, and moved into a place of my own - an apartment on Dolores Street, which would be my home for the remainder of my sojourn in San Francisco. That was also the year I started keeping a personal journal by computer, which I maintain to this day; the inaugural entry is dated August 24, so my electronic diary has just now passed its 10th anniversary.

Prior to moving into the Dolores Street apartment, though, I lived for a while at an art studio in the Mission. This was, of course, not strictly legal, but the owners were happy to turn a blind eye as long as I paid my rent and didn't bother the other tenants. The studio was an interior unit on the second floor of a three-story building, so it was about as isolated from the outside world as it was possible to get.

My apartment was nicely secluded, too, and more than one guest commented that it was like stepping into a little island of serenity in the noise and bustle of downtown San Francisco. And quiet and solitude were things I was craving.

In mid-October, I visited Portland for 10 days - my first time there since moving back to SF three years earlier - and met up with some friends.

By the end of the year, I'd established a more-or-less stable routine of seeing each of the kids (TNG and Bunny) on a weekly basis. Bunny spent half the week with me, and I typically met with TNG once a week for lunch or dinner.

It was good to have my own life again, but after the experience of parenting Bunny full-time (and spending 12 hours a week with the other wonderful toddlers in the preschool co-op), I found I'd come to enjoy spending time with kids.
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