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Retrospective: 2019 - present.

Shortly after Georgianne's passing, my job at the finance company in Beaverton ended. I was job-seeking for a couple of weeks in early 2019, and in February I landed the job at the technology company that would last through the end of the year. Also around that time, I undertook re-reading the Book of Genesis and Jacob Bronowski's 'The Ascent of Man'.

At the beginning of March, the lady of the house where I had lived and worked for most of 2018 passed away.

That summer, Andy Ngo was brutally attacked in Portland.

In late July and early August, I paid a visit to San Francisco that took an unexpected turn when my lodging arrangements fell through and I ended up staying at a hostel. Nevertheless, I got to see the kids.

In September of 2019 I became a BlackBerry owner once again, and in October I took the Network+ exam but didn't pass. In November - after decades of regret for having missed New Order when they were touring - I finally got to see Peter Hook and the Light.

The following Thursday I went to the WalkAway event with Dinesh D'Souza and Andy Ngo - as well as WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, and radio host Lars Larson.

I only stayed for the first half and had to miss Dinesh, but it was good to see Andy. I'd been following him on social media (and met him once or twice in person) since the whole business around him getting fired from the Portland State newspaper. But it was a great event and I was glad I went - it was sold out with 500 seats, and no trouble to speak of from the other side. (They had about 20 of their folks across the street, wearing black masks, yelling curses, and chanting unintelligible slogans.)

And that brings us up to the events of the past 12 months. Last Thanksgiving, I was commemorating one year since Georgianne had left us, and this year it'll be two.

In February of this year I started work at the job I'm at now, and in March ... well, we all know what happened then. I started working from home and have been telecommuting ever since. I am fortunate in that I've been minimally affected by the C19 restrictions.

Last summer, my original roommate (since having moved to this apartment two years earlier) moved, out, and I took over as the senior tenant and had to scramble to find someone else to share the rent. My first roommate seemed promising enough at first, but gave notice after six weeks. The new roommate ... well, it's too early to tell for sure, but I think it's going well.

So, that brings us up to the present. It's been interesting, enlightening, and occasionally disturbing reviewing the past 15+ years of my life as commemorated by LJ.

And now, moving forward.
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