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Genesis 11: From Noah to Abram.


The early history of man closes with a list of the generations after Noah (or more precisely, the descendants of Shem) through the sons of Terach. The three sons of Terach are Avram (also spelled Abram), Nachor, and Haran. Like the three sons of Noah, they all appear to be born in the same year, when Terach is 70 years of age.

The chronology of the ten postdiluvian generations (11:10 - 26) resembles that of the sons of Seth (5:6 - 32) but with one noticeable difference: the checksums for the ages ("he lived X years, he begot ..., he lived Y more years, he begot sons and daughters, all his days were X+Y years, and he died") are missing here. I think it is because in the first series, an exception existed to the "... and he died" pattern (Enoch who "walked with God" in 5:24); whereas in the second series, all of the people died in the usual fashion, so it was not necessary for Scripture to tell you in each case that "he died".

Terach died in Charan, enroute with his family to Canaan - the land that the Hebrews would come to call Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel. (The place name Charan is sometimes also spelled Haran, but it should not be confused with Abram's brother Haran.) The story of this journey is told in the next chapter.
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