asher63 (asher63) wrote,

2021-02-28 Sunday morning

I've been building local connections lately. Late last year I got my name added as a PCP (Precinct Committee Person) in the Washington County GOP, and a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by another PCP to be part of the outreach committee. We met up by video conference and made plans for next steps; I've been reaching out to people I know in local conservative groups and have already made contact with several people who are interested in getting more involved.

The I attended the Central Committee meeting the other day (also by teleconference) and got a lot of information on current events and issues. Alex, our chair, recommended the training offered by Western Liberty Network, which I found very useful. I signed up to get involved with WLN, as well as with Oregon Citizens Lobby.

I'm looking forward to getting more active in local politics. I have zero interest in running for any kind of office myself, but I want to get better informed about events and issues, and it'll be a great way to meet new people.
Tags: journal, politics

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