asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Wedensday morning.

FINANCE. I'm setting my sights on April to finally get a car. My finances are in great shape, but my credit rating still stinks, thanks to the disaster that was 2018. Still, with the new job and better income, I can start building some savings and I should still be able to budget for car payments.

LOOKING GOOD AND GOING OUT. I'm hoping I can schedule a haircut in the next couple of days. Right now I've got more than a year's growth. Up until 2014, I had more than that: after I got out of the Marines, I said to myself "No more haircuts!" and literally didn't get a haircut for 20 years. I had a nice ponytail. But I think long hair doesn't always look good on older men, I wasn't happy with how it looked on me, and I was getting tired of trying to keep it clean. So in 2014, just after I'd moved back to Portland (and in fact right before Passover) I got a buzz cut, and that's how I wore it up until the well-known events of a year ago. So, now my hair is an amorphous mop, and I'm hoping to get it cleaned up before Passover. Otherwise, well, it can wait until Shavu'oth. But in any case, I do want an excuse to get out of the house.

HEALTH. I went for a physical a few weeks ago, everything checked out A-OK, but now I have to go back to the business of doing battle with the VA over how it's going to get paid for. I thought the exam was covered by Tri-West, but they're sending me a bill. I went through this whole song and dance last time, and I'm rather weary of it. Thinking of going back to using employer's health plan, or just paying out of pocket. I don't like giving the Government any more control over my life than I have to.
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