asher63 (asher63) wrote,

It's only life, after all.

Soooo, how long has it been since I posted here?

Work has kept me busy and exhausted, but it's a good thing. I am working for the County in the department that licenses adult foster homes (i.e. care for the elderly). I'm not involved with the caregiving aspect, I just handle some of the paperwork - but it's rewarding and fun, and I work with a great group of people. Oh, and the pay is quite decent. This isn't a permanent gig, just until the gal I'm filling in for gets back from maternity leave.

I want to do some new creative stuff this week. Haven't posted anything new to my Flickr page and I want to. Camera needs batteries because I've been to cheap and too stupid to spring for a rechargeable battery. But even without use of my camera, there's lots of stuff I can do with my scanner and Photoshop, plus those fun plots in Mathematica and Maple.

On the program for today: Morning - meet friend for coffee at the Red & Black Café; afternoon - clean the apartment and rest up. Monday after work I'm hoping to meet up with an old friend who's in town.

Oh and the other big news: Some time in the next four weeks or so, I need to scrape up the airfare for a ticket to Connecticut around Thanksgiving time. I want to visit some relatives back there (plus the gorgeous second cousin I've had a mad crush on since age six), and also this year my high school class is having a reunion and I want to go! Funny, because I wanted to have nothing to do with those a-holes for a good many years after graduation. But you know, sometimes you need to re-connect with your past. And I guess it is a measure of the fact that I'm fairly happy with my life today, that I want to do this.
Tags: friends, life

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