asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Wedensday morning.

WORK. I'm on the last day of my mini-vacation from work, but I've been putting my time to productive use working on some online courses. There's a series of tutorials for the integrated phone / video / messaging system we use, and I found a program in IT support fundamentals, produced by Google, on Coursera. I'm also working a calculus course and one in Matlab programming on Coursera.

FITNESS. My time off happily coincided with some nice weather, and I'm taking advantage of it by getting back to running on a regular basis. I'm still quite out-of-shape but am gradually getting back towards where I want to be. A nice, easy, 15-minute jog around the block is working out nicely.

ART. A few weeks ago, I started taking drawing lessons with a nice, middle-aged Russian lady who I found online. We took a break for a couple of weeks but I'm set to re-connect with her for a lesson this afternoon. Currently we're doing the lessons online, with scanning and video conferencing, which is a little cumbersome but it seems to be working out OK. We're hoping to go to in-person lessons in the near future. I've dabbled in drawing off-and-on since I was a young adult, but this is my first time taking lessons.

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