asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Canada: Churches burn while elites cheer.

The headline on the web page reads, "... as Outrage Against Catholic Church Grows", but the language of the URL is a little more revealing. From the article:

'Another two Catholic Churches have been torched in Canada, as more Indigenous Nations have confirmed unmarked graves at residential school sites that likely hold the remains of Indigenous children.

At 3 a.m. on Wednesday, firefighters were called to a century-old Roman Catholic church just north of Edmonton after it lit up in flames. St. Jean Baptiste Parish in Morinville, Alberta, was basically destroyed in the fire. ...'

So, the attacks on Catholic churches are a legitimate expression of outrage at violence against innocent children? OK then. So, where does that leave Planned Parenthood clinics?

Here's Rebel News with more:

'In less than one month, nearly 50 Christian places of worship have been burned or vandalized in a hateful spree of attacks directed against Christian Canadians.

Equally disturbing is the pitiful response from our leaders, including the provincial and federal governments and the RCMP. When I tried to ask our very own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau why he wasn’t condemning these attacks as acts of hate, he brushed me off to pose for a selfie instead. A selfie!

This has to stop! ...'

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