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California and conservatism.
Lane Scott at American Greatness:

'One side gains power by selling a lie that life is destined to be a beautiful, organized, triumphant, and shining commune that can only be taken away by selfish, racist retrogrades. They don’t even have to deliver utopia! They just have to convince you that their political enemies have taken utopia from you.

The other side believes that civilization is incredibly difficult to achieve, perpetually fragile, and constantly threatened by various forces of chaos and disorder. This second side is now coming around to the realization that there aren’t enough fumes of Western Civilization to coast comfortably anymore. We can’t continue to cling desperately to the ashes of formerly civilized and civilizing institutions while leftists lecture us about our past injustices and further weaken our confidence.

California dissidents lead the intellectual Right because they have turned away from the futile task of critiquing the Left’s deconstructionist critique, and have begun building the alternative institutions and culture necessary for survival. Everything from alternative education and medical insurance to socializing and working with like-minded people are already part of the California culture. ...'
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