asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Portland: Police stop antifa group.

'A flyer told those invited to "wear black, bring a friend and a trick up your sleeve" to Colonel Summers Park at 8 pm. On the night of the event though, it was reported by The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo that the Portland police had come out in full force to stop the planned violence.

"In an unusual turn of events, [profile] portlandpolice turned up in numbers to surveil the #antifa Halloween direct action & prevent planned mass violence. Antifa are furious they were pulled over & forced to show driver's ID. Multiple were issued citations for hiding license plates," wrote Ngo on Twitter.'

Go to the link for the full post. Good to see the PPB finally stepping in.
Tags: #antifa, andy ngo, antifa, portland

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