asher63 (asher63) wrote,

32 Gates of Living


1. Value living.
2. Value dignity: respect other people and yourself. Stand straight, be clean, dress as well as you can, and greet others warmly. Respect wisdom. Respect the creator.
3. Learn to forgive, and forgive to learn. To mend a friendship, ask your friend for help or advice. People like to give.
4. Seek the advice of wise people and follow it.
5. Think.
6. Learn to think clearly. We think in two ways: likeness and difference. Recognize the ways two things are alike and how they are different - you can learn about people this way too.
7. Do not argue more than necessary.
8. Know what you believe. People can disagree on three things: premises, logic, and values. If you have a disagreement with someone, know what you differ on: what you believe is a fact, or what consequences follow from it, or whether something is good or bad. This can help us to understand one another's views.
9. Take responsibility for your own mental health. Don't hang onto grievances, don't make excuses, don't nurse guilt. Establish good habits. If you need help, get it.
10. Stay focused: do one thing at a time, pay attention to what you are doing, and have a purpose for everything you do. Think out the consequences of each action. Waste nothing.
11. Have a hobby or project: something that doesn't cost a lot of money, something you can develop day by day. For example, writing, drawing, knitting, music, sports. Stick with it.
12. Make friends.
13. If you follow a religion, practice it with compassion and wisdom. If you want to become religious, avoid fanatics.
14. Other people depend on you. If you have a family and friends, do right by them. If you are alone, your help is needed somewhere: volunteer.
15. Breathe.
16. Learn to listen to others. It takes effort and practice. Know how to get others to share, how to make someone feel comfortable, how to set limits, and how to show you understand and care.
17. Keep a good, current résumé.
18. Keep a neat, clean home.
19. Do what you must, change what you can, and accept the rest. Trust the order of crreation.
20. Live in the present: it holds the seeds of the future.
21. Practice calmness, awareness, silence.
22. We talk in two ways: small talk and communication. Both are important, but know the difference. Small talk is for putting people at ease; it's OK to be chatty, just avoid negative subjects. Communication is sharing ideas: express yourself clearly and briefly.
23. Don't let other people stress you out. Tune out their negativity.
24. Know what's really important to you. List the few things that matter most and insist on them; be ready to negotiate everything else.
25. Respect your body and take care of your health.
26. Get plenty of rest but don't oversleep.
27. Drink plenty of water.
28. Know how to deal with anger. Don't try to make decisions when you're angry. If you are going to lose your temper, take a walk alone. Never get angry in public. If you need help, get it.
29. Be polite. Ignore rude people.
30. If you are depressed, exercise. Get a good meal, a nap, and a shower. If you need help, get it.
31. Self-pity is the enemy. Action is your weapon.
32. Love G-d, wisdom, and all created things. Rejoice.
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