asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday morning.

I've been at my current residence exactly three years now (as of November 1), and I've kind of settled in in this area. My current roommate (who's been here a year) will be moving out this month, so I've started posting ads.

I'm focusing on building networks of neighbors and friends - notably the conservative meetup group - and taking care of my health. I've been tracking my vitals and cardio exercise on a daily basis:

2021-11-01 5:00 118 80 74 97.2 97.0 183.4
2021-11-02 5:00 105 67 71 97.9 96.6 184.0
2021-11-03 5:00 118 80 80 97.2 97.0 183.2
2021-11-04 5:00 110 78 76 97.9 96.9 183.2

Keeping a chart like this helps me to set goals and to be aware of any sudden anomalies in my health level. I've generally enjoyed very good health throughout my life, thank G-d, and I mean to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

I'm working on some more essay-type writing projects, inspired by ideas from Sowell, Peterson, Sharansky, and the Bible. Also want to get back to knitting, drawing, and math.
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