asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Holy of Holies

Two very vivid dreams last night. (Yay for segmented sleep.)

From my dream journal:
I was back home visiting - both parents are still living - and now I'm ready to fly back to the West Coast. Mom and Dad give me a bunch of useless, bulky gifts including a big set of luggage (yes, this is *actually* a dream about "baggage" from my parents) and I'm wondering how I'm gonna schlep all of it back on the plane.

Note to subconscious: Could you please try to come up with something a little more original next time? Thank you.

Now, this is more like it! Went back to sleep and saw the Temple. Or at least the Ark of the Covenant. It wasn't in Jerusalem, it was hidden in a house in some small town ... I don't know where it was, exactly. But there were some people around, and they asked if I'd like to see the Ark, and I said of course. There was a little path that led down. I opened the Ark - it was a lot like a Torah ark in a modern synagogue - but it was empty. Had someone stolen the Tablets? They told me that back in Roman days, they used to have several dummy copies of the Tablets of the Covenant as decoys because the Romans kept trying to steal them. But no, the Tablets hadn't been stolen; some other people were coming in with them now, men and women carrying something.

Turns out the Tablets weren't stone blocks like you'd expect. They were a pair of cylinders, looking and feeling very much like a Torah scroll but with crystal handles instead of wood. There were jewels on the cylinders that lit up, perhaps like the jewels in the Priest's breastplate. On either end of the cylinders there were signs, a dash and a cross. (Giant batteries?!?) The cross was very distinctly a Christian cross. I realized it couldn't have been copied from the Christians because the object was older than that. I grasped the handles in my hands.
Tags: dreams

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