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Next week will be my last full week at my current temp gig. W00t! I gave my notice officially makeing Wednesday 12/8 my last day, which will give me time to take a few days off and pack before leaving for my 2 weeks on the East Coast.

I've enjoyed my time at this job. It's the county office that licenses adult foster homes. I'm not directly involved in the caregiving end of it, but I handle some of the paperwork and I like to think I've made some contributions that way. I streamlined a couple of the forms, and changed the wording of one from "Incomplete Applications Will Be Returned" (which is stupid and excessive, we're not going to send a form back to somebody because they forgot a page) to "Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Processed", which is reasonable and enforceable rather than an empty threat. And a few other little innovations that make the system run a bit smoother.

I'm really looking forward to the high school reunion.

I want to write more, but I've got to run to Trader Joe's so I'll save it for when I get back.
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