asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Home for the Holidays

Well, this is very close to a first. I'm going back to Connecticut for two weeks to visit with some relatives - my Mom's cousins - and to catch my 25th high school reunion. Of course I'll be traveling armed with copious pictures of TNG. Don't know whether I will be near internet access or not. If so, I expect to do a lot of LJing to make up for the last couple of weeks.

If there's no web access, that won't necessarily be a bad thing as I really need some time to just get away from it all, and this trip looks like an outstanding time to do that: hang out with the relatives, old friends, classmates, and get a lot of downtime.

Also: get some reading done!

Also also: get some writing done!! That's the other big priority.

Lots of ideas for the story, I'm just working out the order of development. I've made one microscopic edit to the current text: originally I had stated that Planet 138 used to belong to the Kathrite faction, but I think the story will work better if it was formerly under Amirite control. The latest episode (#20, just posted) is really short and there's not much to it, but I wanted to break the inertia and start posting again without any further delay. Perfectionism is the enemy of success.
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