asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Live from Putnam!

Wow. Had a great time at the class reunion last night ... 25 years since I last saw these people! (I'll post photos later under a friendslock or filter.) It was an absolutely amazing experience.

The reunion was in East Windsor but I'm staying with some relatives in Putnam, in the northeastern corner of Connecticut. I drove up from Bradley Airport (BDL has free wi-fi, yay) Tuesday night. An hour-and-a-half trip on the backroads in an unfamiliar area, in the dead of night ... definitely a test of my driving confidence! Which I'm proud to say I passed. (I never drove in Connecticut before this, unless you count the time Dad tried to teach me to drive in high school. We put the new mailbox up the next day ...)

I'm posting from Victoria Station, the very picturesque coffee shop in downtown Putnam, which has wi-fi and great espresso. Will probably spend the afternoon wandering aimlessly around.

I'm flying back to PDX on December 5th. That means I spend a full week in scenic Putnam with nothing to do except take in the countryside and the fresh air, visit the antique shops, and let my elderly relatives dote on me.

Think I can live with that.
Tags: putnam!

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