asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Putnam! Putnam!! Putnam!!!

I'm sitting, once again, in Victoria Station, which is the funky-hip place on the main drag of Putnam. (The trendy-hip place is 85 Main. I haven't ventured in there yet 'cuz I'm not cool enough.) Right now there's a thirtysomething woman chatting with the two young women behind the counter about clothes (and how if you're in your thirties you should not dress like you're in your twenties, and there was this one woman at my husband's reunion who simply did not know how to dress, etc.). There's Christmas music on the radio which I am stoically enduring.

Last night was the Festival of Lights parade. Macy's Shmacy's. You HAVE NOT LIVED until you have witnessed the Festival of Lights Parade in Putnam, Connecticut. For the benefit of those who may have missed this extravaganza, I'm posting pictures behind the cut.

Tags: putnam!

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