asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Black Espresso

Victoria Station, Putnam, Connecticut. By now, they know me well enough here to know that I like my espresso "black". In all honesty, I'd never suspected there *was* any other way to drink espresso. But I've led a sheltered life.

The decor here is classy and funky; they must have spent a long time raiding the antique stores. A very nice job.

Two cute young women are working behind the counter. The younger of the two looks about 22 and is skinny to where it's almost scary. A 40ish woman in a sweater orders pastries. "I have to weigh in tonight ... it's not going to be good, after Thanksgiving."

Through the glass door of the side exit, I can see the train station, which appears to be abandoned. Yesterday I wondered idly whether there's an Amtrak line that stops in Putnam; if so, I might be able to make it to New York City this weekend to visit some friends there. But you know, if I don't make it to NYC, I don't think I'll be too disappointed.
Tags: putnam!

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