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Dear friend on my f-list who just wrote a long self-hating post,

Please stop! You do not deserve to be hated by anybody. If you are having problems with your family, try to work it out.

Yes, it is true that you deserve to live! And it's also true that life puts us in situations (or we put ourselves in situations) where we have to do difficult things and make hard decisions. That's not because we were meant to suffer, but because we were meant to LIVE LIFE, and that necessarily means that we must suffer sometimes.

Don't troll yourself. If you feel you did somebody wrong (and that's hard for me to believe beause I know you're a beautiful, wonderful person - but you are human too), then forgive yourself first. I say forgive yourself first because you have to be okay with yourself in order to do whatever else may be required. You know, the oxygen mask on the airplane thing ...

Get some rest (something tells me you've been working too hard) and a good meal, and then take another look at life. I don't know what your specific situation is and I won't presume to give you advice on it. But I do know that it's sad when adult family members don't get along; and I know that family conflicts can heal, even if it takes time.

PS - Even a limbo stick needs to have a little fun (NSFW) every now and then.
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