asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Woe to Hice!

I stopped by New Renaissance Books hoping to get a book I'd seen there before - a study of the art of John Waterhouse. It was by a Japanese scholar - I think his name was Minato - whose father had been an artist in Japan. (I'll bet mosellegreen knows the book I'm talking about.) They didn't have it in stock, but one of the owners was there and she said she'd try to find it and order it for me. Meanwhile I had to content myself with a book of postcard reproductions of Waterhouse, including the famous "Lady of Shalott".

(I'm working my way through Neal Stephenson's 'The Cryptonomicon' right now and I have to restrain myself from giving the artist's name as "Woe to Hice". But I digress.)

Also got a lovely Mara Friedman calendar. Was hoping to find a Jewish calendar, but no luck. Now, NRB has a great selection of calendars - lunar calendars, astrological calendars, herbal calendars, and even a Maya Natural Time calendar. But Jewish calendars? Those are not to be found at New Renaissance Books. (Grrr.)

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here's the Lady of Shalott.

Tags: beautiful things

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