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Linkage 2017-09-06

Melanie Phillips: The greater danger.
'For the left’s Israel-hatred and Jew-baiting prejudices are on display virtually every day through the media, the arts, the universities, the trade unions, the churches and other institutions.

Of course neo-Nazis and their ilk pose a danger to Jews and other minorities, but their numbers are tiny. The immeasurably greater danger to everyone comes from the far-left and the Islamists — and from the broad left who ignore or sanitise what they do.

Unlike the far-right, the left controls the culture. It uses that power to deny its own Jew-hatred as well as Muslim antisemitism and religious aggression, and to defame and destroy those who call these out.

Ask the former Labour front-bencher Sarah Champion [https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/left-failing-to-confront-truth-of-sex-crimes-says-sacked-labour-frontbencher-sarah-champion-mp-for-rotherham-dismissed-by-jeremy-corbyn-after-writing-for-the-sun-gbbm8p837 ], who drew attention to the cultural identity of the overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslim child pimping gangs, or the Muslim Labour councillor Amina Lone who stuck up for her — both now punished by sacking and de-selection respectively. ...'

Caroline Glick at JPost: The strategic case for Kurdistan.
'Compared to their neighbors, not to mention to the Times’ favored group the Palestinians, the Kurds, who have been self-governing since 1991, are paragons of good governance. Not only have they given refuge to tens of thousands of Iraqis fleeing ISIS. Iraqi Kurdistan has been an island of relative peace in a war-torn country since the US-led invasion in 2003.

Its Peshmerga forces have not only secured Kurdistan. They have been the most competent force fighting ISIS since its territorial conquests in 2014.

The same is the case of the Kurdish YPG militia in Syrian Kurdistan. ...'

Linkge: Iraq, Ukraine, USA

Iraqi government announces Tal Afar liberated.
'Iraqi prime minister Haider Al-Abadi announced earlier today that Tal Afar has been “liberated” from the Islamic State. “Our brave Armed Forces have liberated Tal Afar and the Iraqi flag is once again flying high in Nineveh province,” Al-Abadi tweeted. “I salute our martyrs, our injured and their families whose sacrifices have made this and other victories possible,” he added. “Nineveh is liberated.” ...'

Rudaw on Peshmerga contribution at Tal Afar.
'The commander said he saw Peshmerga do “incredible work” for the liberation of Mosul, adding they coordinated “very effectively and constructively with the Iraqi security forces. They allowed the Iraqi security forces to stage for the attack in Kurdish-held areas.” ...'

Jonathan Spyer on Ukraine's Jews.
'The war has impacted on Ukraine’s Jewish community in two central ways. Firstly, Jews resident in eastern Ukraine have suffered the direct physical effects of the fighting. Most of Donetsk and Luhansk’s Jews fled westwards as the frontlines approached their homes in 2014. The provisions offered by the Ukrainian authorities to those made homeless by the war are minimal. Efforts are ongoing by a variety of Jewish organizations to provide for those Ukrainian Jews made refugees by the events.

The second impact is a little less tangible. The war of 2014 was an important moment in the ongoing development of national identity in independent Ukraine. ...'

Melanie Phillips on liberal Jewish organizations in USA.
'Faced with left-wing aggression and bigotry, many American Jews display a high degree of cognitive dissonance. That’s because they think not as Jews, but as leftists – not least because they can’t discern the difference.

Left-wing antisemitism is running at epidemic level. Demonization of Israel based on lies, double standards and a near-supernatural attribution of cosmic malevolence is the default position on the Left.

Liberal American Jews aren’t merely allowing their liberalism to supersede their Judaism. They are actively siding with the enemies of the Jewish people and the Western civilization built on Jewish values. ...'

Tuesday morning linkage

Billye Joyce's journey. 'I was born just 81 years after the ratification of the amendment to the US Constitution that abolished the slavery of Africans. I was given a good Southern name – Billye Joyce – although it was a harsh time to be African-American in the United States, especially in the South. We were still called colored or Negroes, and oftentimes the other n-word was used. I was born in Big Momma's (my grandmother's) house because colored doctors were not allowed to use the hospitals in Texas. ... People often ask me what my religion was before I went to the mikvah. No one displays much interest in the fact that I grew up as a “plain vanilla” Protestant Christian. But their interest perks up when I say I was once Wiccan. ...'

Millennials offended by stereotype of easily offended millennials. '“I’m a millennial myself. How are we so coddled, and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?” they asked somewhat stroppily at the panel.'

Ten things you did not know about the Roman Legions. Well, meritahut probably did, but the rest of us, maybe not so much.

Origins of 31 science fiction terms. For some reason, waldo didn't make the list. Via philmophlegm.

Tuesday evening linkage (current events).

Yehudah Kimani spoke in Danbury, Connecticut and numerous other places before returning to Kenya. I had the honor of hosting him here in Portland for about a week. He gave a spellbinding talk at our congregation and was an enjoyable guest. He's also a terrific cook.

They fled the Nazis on bicycles. And now a Japanese-born, 27-year-old film school graduate is telling their story:

Yamazaki: I grew up in Japan reading ‘George’ in Japanese, and … when I learned they were these German immigrants who had fled the Nazis on bicycles with the first Curious George book with them, it was enough for me to be interested. … And I assumed there was already a movie out there and when there wasn’t I was immediately in a car, headed to Cambridge to meet the lady who runs the estate. ...

With no other weapons, this German threw a beer bottle at the killer. But now he's facing charges for "insulting the dead."

The Munich resident who hurled insults at shooter Ali David Sonboly as he was carrying out an attack on a shopping mall has been accused of libel, the Munich prosecutor has announced.

Thomas Salbey became an internet sensation after footage of him hurling abuse at Sonboly, from the balcony of his fifth floor apartment was posted on Twitter.

But while many praised Mr. Salbey for standing up to the gunman – who aimed shots in his direction – Florian Weinzierl, a spokesman for the Munich prosecutor, has confirmed that Mr. Salbey is to be charged with libel for his comments. It is not known who reported Mr. Salbey to the authorities. ...

UK anti-Semitism on the rise. The Community Security Trust (CST) said 577 incidents targeting Jews were reported to the charity from January to June. This was up from 473 in the same period last year, a trend the charity’s chief executive, David Delew, said was “worrying”. ...

Iran gloats over 400 million dollar ransom for US hostages. Full story at the link, with video of Obama's response to questions over the deal.

Hillary Clinton gets a high-profile endorsement. Seddique Mateen, father of Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen, was spotted at a Clinton rally in Florida. He didn't have much to say to the press, but he did have some kind words for the former Secretary of State:

Mateen didn't want to answer any other questions, but just hours later, we ran into him by chance at a rest stop on the way back to West Palm Beach. He wanted to do an interview and show us a sign he made for Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions," he said.

Linkage, Bright and Dark

How far? A handy reference map.

Don't give me your attitude about my latitude. North America and Western Europe compared.

Sun Force: Yezidi women in the Peshmerga. Unspeakable horror and unimaginable courage.

The Western Front and Middle Earth: the Somme and Tolkien. 'The heroism of Tolkien’s characters depends on their capacity to resist evil and their tenacity in the face of defeat. It was this quality that Tolkien witnessed among his comrades on the Western Front. ...'

Saturday night: linkage

Zoroastrian revival in Iran. The mullahs are spooked.

Yazidi girl escapes Daesh rape prison. One of the fortunate few who escaped Islamic State.

Venezuela: the arrests will continue until productivity improves.

Video: anti-Semite trashes Brooklyn synagogue. The Williamsburg shul belongs to the anti-Zionist Satmar sect.

WoW designer on user feedback. Via andrewducker. Interesting insight: "Every aspect of WoW caters to a minority." Read it all at the link.

Irene Orleansky: Music of Israelites and Jews of Africa and Asia. If you haven't heard this amazing music, you're missing out.


Tuesday afternoon: LJ miscellany

I've been away from posting for a couple of days, with job hunting, social events, and the occasional date.

Welcome to new friends sartorias, indolentmick, wuweibaby, brightly_lit, davesmusictank, and topum.

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Via andrewducker, social media fail in Oz: what happens when you make unflattering remarks about a judge?

And, passengers flying Virgin out of SFO get this experience. Bunny and her mom might get to witness this the next time Bunny flies up here.